Our Story

In 2010 we became college roommates; in 2018 we became business partners.

Having never really fit in with social norms, we founded The Wine Guys to represent the perceived outcast in the wine drinking community.

We didn’t know of any brands that specialize in affordable, quality wine products, and after hearing similar confusion within the wine community, we decided to act.  

So we set out to find affordable, quality products to disrupt the status quo of the outdated wine industry.  

Jordan Diggs & Ryan Hutchings


Even at the national monuments the Wine Tumblers make the best cup for the go
Cheers from a local DC bar, the best Wine Tumbler in town

Our Products

We provide quality corkscrews, tumblers, and stoppers, all of which embody the spirit of the modern wine drinker.

All of our accessories are designed at our headquarters in Los Angeles or our satellite office in New Jersey. We believe in our products so much that we offer a no questions asked return policy and free standard shipping on all orders.

Our Socials

Our brand represents so much more than just wine accessories and has a community full of diverse individuals from all walks of life. Follow us for a peek into The Wine Guys Lifestyle.




The best wine tumblers in New York