Wing Corkscrew Wine & Bottle Opener


Highest quality – Our premium opener is equipped with a sturdy worm corkscrew, like those found in professional wine openers (not the cheaper helix corkscrews utilized in many other low-quality openers) to help remove your cork in one piece.

Designed with you in mind! – Our corkscrews are manufactured with sturdy stainless steel wings, non-slip rubber grips, and an ergonomic twisting handle to make it simple to remove even the toughest corks.

Love beer? SO DO WE! – Our corkscrew handle is equipped with an integrated beer bottle opener as well, so it truly is the only tool you will need to open any bottle behind your bar!

Lifetime Warranty – Love it (we are certain you will), or we will buy it back, no questions asked!

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Don’t spend time-fighting with your wine bottle when you could be drinking it. With our high-quality winged corkscrew, you can remove even the most difficult of corks. Simply place the corkscrew over the bottle, and screw the work into the cork. As you do this the wings will raise, and once the worm is fully inserted, you push the wings down and easily remove the cork!

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Weight 1.15 lbs
Dimensions 9.50 × 5.25 × 2.13 in

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